Angel Soto – Supervisor

Mr. Luis Areizaga is and has been a very respectful and professional member of our company for the last two years.  His initiative and commitment to his work have allowed us to assign Mr. Areizaga with increasing responsibilities throughout his employment, especially in the areas of procurement, purchasing, budget, and inventory control. He was instrumental in updating the pharmacies patient account receivable module ahead of schedule. This accomplishment was crucial to the organization’s financial health at the time and allowed us to continue growing in an orderly and profitable manner. Presently Mr. Areizaga is partly involved with updating the account receivables for the Pharmacy Benefit Management outstanding invoices, which will allow the company to recoup over half a million dollars in past due invoices.

Mr. Luis Areizaga is a great asset to any professional organization as well as a great human being.


Angel Soto

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