My main goal in life is to become a successful entrepreneur. It has always been a dream of mine to build my own business and work towards providing new services in the market. I say this because the competition and freedom are great outlets for my personality. It will constantly put new challenges for me to solve and force me to adapt in order to survive, the environment is one that drives a person to grow and become better. To be able to do that and at the same time build something that has the potential to benefit a significant amount of people is something I truly look forward to.

Another one of my main objectives with this is to obtain the skills and experience necessary to one day help others in the field. In the long term, I wish to become an angel investor so that I can be in a position to consult others and help them build and develop their own companies. This would further my desire of seeing a more efficient and innovative global market while at the same time helping out people who might find themselves in a position similar to mine.

Now I am taking the next big step towards my goals by joining Praxis and going through their program. It is highly oriented towards individuals who work in the startup field and I look forward to demonstrating my value and work ethic. I hope that in due time when I have accumulated the knowledge and experience necessary I will be able to build my very own startup. Through this, I intend to accomplish a dream of mind and help drive innovation in the world.


Philosophy: I thoroughly enjoy philosophy. I have read Mises, Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Julius Evola, Marcus Aurelius, Julius Caesar, Nietzsche, and many more. The accumulation and understanding of knowledge have done tremendous wonders to me. It has helped me see the world in a new light. Each author has their own perspective built upon a lifetime of experience. To have that knowledge at your disposal is of almost immeasurable value.

Reading: As many of you might have concluded already, I greatly enjoy reading. It is without a doubt the exercise of the mind and that is only increased when put into practice.

Authentic experiences: I also enjoy authentic experiences. Something that is a bit peculiar to explain but I would describe it as a moment where you are completely aware of everything going on around you and can’t help but reflect upon the grandeur of the human experience.

Nature: Truly might be one of, if not, the thing I enjoy the most. Nothing like being by yourself surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. I have had the opportunity to hike trails, climb mountains, and go up rivers. My number one recommendation for peace and quiet.


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