LibertyCon 2018

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the first ever LibertyCon created to promote and engage international liberty lovers. This year’s event brought in all sorts of important movers in the liberty field together in Washington D.C. for a variety of panels discussing important topics in the fight for a freer future. I got the opportunity to learn and participate in these events.

My favorite panels were Is University Even Worth It Anymore, How Legitimate are Cryptocurrencies? and Liberty in Politics. The panel on university’s main value was the diversity of panelists they brought in since they ranged from academic on one extreme to an employer on the other. The academic had concluded that on average a university degree still had value and that it was worth pursuing if and only you finished it. The employer, on the other hand, made many arguments as to why he perceived the value to be diminishing rapidly as more people obtained a degree. The employer mentioned the possible benefits of investing that time in experience instead of debt or a subpar bachelor degree. In my view, this revealed a bias on both sides with the academics favoring the pursuit of a degree while the employer highlighted the value of experience. This is an important lesson when looking for work in the marketplace.

The panel on the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies was also an interesting discussion between Peter Schiff and Sterlin Lujan. The topic was quite focused on discussing if bitcoin can ever truly be currency since being a currency is what it was made to be. The arguments by Peter Schiff focused on how Bitcoin has infinite supply since one can create a new cryptocurrency and that it possesses no intrinsic value. Its value resting on the faith that you can sell it later for more money. Sterlin Lujan argued that the technology was still in an early stage and that things are being ironed out and improved upon with time. He argued that the currency possed value due to the unique code it was built upon. Ultimately I found myself agreeing with Peter Schiff on the principle of intrinsic value since ultimately a cryptocurrency has no other use than the one it was designed for. Gold or other rare resources, on the other hand, have a multitude of uses guaranteeing a certain amount of value for that good whether or not it is a currency.

Liberty in politics was a refreshing take on the value of politics when debating how to bring about freedom in the world. The guests were Mart Laar, Maxime Bernier, Daniel Hannan, and Justin Amash. Mart Laar is widely credited with creating a largely free market economy that helped Estonia escape the Soviet era and catch up with the modern world. Maxime Bernier is a well known Canadian libertarian who staunchly advocated for free markets during his time in government emphasizing the importance of sticking to one’s own principles. Daniel Hannan was one of the main architects of Brexit having spent decades campaigning for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. Finally, there is Justin Amash who is a member of Congress who has led multiple battles for greater accountability and transparency. These men go a long way to prove that there is value in politics even if it might be one of the hardest and muddiest fields to fight in.

I went to LibertyCon in order to take my first steps in engaging with the larger libertarian movement. One of my main goals was to learn from what others were doing and to network with like-minded people, I like to think I was successful in both objectives. I managed to learn a lot from the tips of many panelists I spoke to and managed to meet many new interesting people as well. Most of the day is spent witnessing a multitude of panels which include people such as those mentioned before and many more. Ultimately, I obtained a wealth of knowledge but most importantly and what I think these events do best is inspire hope in a freer future for all of those who attend. This is important because it propels people to take action to fight for and promote the cause of liberty. Seeing so many people changing the world just proves that with the right knowledge and enough willpower you can be the one up on stage sharing your experiences and inspiring a new generation of liberty enthusiasts and activists.

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