Zero to One Review


In this video, I review Peter Thiel’s Zero to One and go through a select set of the main concepts he expands upon and I found to be of great value.

Topics discussed are:

The main question he asks us at the beginning-

  • Ask yourself what basic truth very few people agree with you on?

The Four Principles he argues we should embrace-

  1. Better to risk than be trivial
  2. A bad plan is better than no plan
  3. Competitive markets destroy profits.
  4. Sales matter just as much as the product.

What it takes to build and secure a monopoly-

  1. Proprietary technology
  2. Network effects
  3. Economies of scale
  4. Branding

And the seven questions which help us answer if our idea can become a monopoly-

  • 1) The engineering question
  • 2) The timing question
  • 3) The monopoly question
  • 4) The people question
  • 5) The distribution question
  • 6) The durability question
  • 7) The secret question


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