High Output Management Video Review


In this video review, I discuss the book High Output Management by Andy Grove. It goes through his concepts, ideas, tips, and understanding of management which he was kind enough to share with us and the greater public.

Topics discussed are:

A managers output which can be measured using the following equation:

Managers output = The output of his organization + the output of the neighboring organizations under his influence.


  • The basics of what constitutes production.
  • The black box and how to peer inside it.
  • Indicators and how to use them.


  • Motivation and training as the two most effective tools.
  • Meetings, how to use them as value creation tools.
  • Performance Appraisal and how to increase employee efficiency with them.


  • Mission-oriented or functional. Pros and cons of both systems.
  • The hybrid organization. What it is and how it merges the above-mentioned systems.
  • Dual Reporting as a tool to promote communication.

In the end, I share some of my personal experience which I saw reflected in the book as well as my general thought and takeaways.

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