My Top 3 Skills


  • Creativity

I like to think out of the box and find innovative solutions to the problems I come across in life. It is fun to think of new ways to go about things and explore how those ideas can have a positive impact on life. I have transferred this skill to my workplace by finding solutions to difficulties that improve efficiency and lower costs. An example of this is the various systems I have built during my years working as a manager. They have helped me centralize and streamline data gathering which allows me to reinvest my time in other job activities. When it comes to fixing big issues, I am the first person who my employer thinks of.

  • Strategic thinking

This has close ties with my creative ability since they are both mutually beneficial to one another. Thinking of new ideas is of no use if you don’t have the vision to implement them in a way that improves upon the previous system and puts the company in a better position in the future. I use my strategic thinking ability to empower my ideas and keep the objective insight. When I am presented with a problem it does not take me long to come up with an action plan on how to execute and solve. All the systems I put in place had a predefined purpose as to why they were being built and when it comes to resolving problems with suppliers or getting orders ready on time I have capitalized on my strategic thinking ability to create hundreds of thousands of dollars in value to my employer.

  • Drive

Another trait I use to complement my skills and one that has served me immensely throughout life. My drive has propelled me to new heights and challenges me to always seek ways to improve and grow. It is a part of my nature to never give up on my ambitions and dreams. I have been in situations where the only way I have survived is because my drive pushed me to find a way. To employ my creativity and strategic thinking in the pursuit of success and the absolute rejection of failure. Even in those moments where I have failed my drive quickly picks me up and pushes me to go above and beyond my previous state. A perfect example of this is when a natural disaster hit my home country and closed my workplace for a time. Instead of wasting my time waiting for things to go back to normal I decided to move and hunt for new opportunities. I managed to obtain work within two weeks and stayed there earning money and experience till my employer back home decided to open. I came back with the knowledge of how to survive and prosper independently. I achieved this in a place where I knew no one by adapting to my environment, something I could not have done had I not been so driven.

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