Breaking the mold.

Breaking the mold is one of the fundamental reasons my life has been so different from those around me. While most of the people I know are off in university to earn degrees that might give them a job or not I have chosen to seek out a different route. A route that would reward me with real-life experience about how the world works and what skills are in demand.

So far, I have handled and taken care of more than a million dollars of value for my employer; traveled most of Western Europe and many parts of the USA; moved and found work to sustain myself after a hurricane paralyzed the economy of my home country and closed my workplace for a time. These experiences have helped shape me and make me stronger. I like to push the boundaries of what I know and challenge myself to grow as a person. The cherry on the top was the success I had in these ventures.

To abound upon the previous experiences I have talked about I would like to go in depth with one of the times where I have been in a completely new setting and how I made it into an opportunity instead of a difficulty.

I moved to the USA back in October of 2017 after my home was struck by a category 4 hurricane that left us without electricity, water, or basic services. Everything was closed and the most essential businesses took days or in some cases weeks to open. There were shortages everywhere and lines that lasted hours became commonplace. Instead of waiting for things to go back to normal I managed to get a call through to a friend in the US who bought me a ticket to get out.

From there I found myself in a place that I had only visited once before for a few days. I stayed with my friend and immediately started working on getting a job and a place to live. I had no transportation so I had to get to interviews and house viewings using mass transit and there were times when I had to walk an hour or more to get to an interview because there weren’t any local stops.

In the end, I managed to find a cheap place to live and ended up with two great job offers. It was a difficult and demanding experience but due to my resolute and driven nature, I was able to overcome and thrive. All of these hurdles and roadblocks were not going to stop me. I refused failure and made success the only possibility I would allow.

I had to completely abandon my comfort zone and adapt to a new environment. Even when I had to learn a foreign transport system or walk miles to get where I wanted to go I would not give up. My drive and will kept me going. The gist of the story is that when you chose to walk a different route you will be rewarded with things no one else has lived or gone through. You come out much more prepared for the real world than anybody who chooses to play it safe and stay within the mold.

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