First blog post: A demonstration and example of my work ethic and how it landed me my current job.

The most impressive project I have completed and the one that cemented me as an employee of value at my company was when I got assigned to fix the backlog of billing my workplace was experiencing. It was behind schedule by about two months and my boss asked me if I was willing to take care of it.

Considering the amount of money that was tied up due to the backlog, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to establish myself as a crucial employee by demonstrating my work ethic and potential value. I immediately set up a system to break down the information into well-organized categories in order to increase productivity and started working extra hours to get the project done as fast as possible. This would also show my commitment to the work and the importance I placed on tasks assigned to me. The idea was to show that I was the most qualified person to tackle problems.

I ended getting the project done in three weeks which was half of my boss’ estimated timeframe. He was thrilled, and the plan ended up working out. My success here, in my opinion, is one of the main reasons I got promoted to my current position of purchase and inventory manager. It goes to show the value of capitalizing on the opportunities life presents to us.

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