Writing Sample- I was once asked in which role I think I would excel the most. This was my answer…

Operations is the role I would excel the most in due to previous skills and experiences I possess in the field. The experiences I have had in operations are among the most interesting and satisfying work I have done. The ability to see how companies are organized and function is of incredible value to me. To be a part of such an intricate web of human interactions is very exciting especially when you are in a position of leadership where you are responsible for the efficient organization of these interactions. It is no simple task and ensuring a functioning and profitable operation is very challenging but that is one the things I enjoy the most. The challenge keeps things exciting and the feeling of overcoming obstacles is a reward in and of itself.

I have been working in operations and other similar positions for the past two years. Because of this experience, I would quickly adapt to any related work. My skills cover purchases, inventory, operation, and warehouse management. During my time as a manager, I also learned how to oversee a small group of employees. This experience was a very important moment in my life that taught me the value of cultivating a positive environment and setting an example for those I was responsible for. I also possess skills in related fields such as clerical duties, billing, and customer service.

Apart from the previously mentioned professional skills, I also bring in ample personal skills that would benefit my employer. I am innovative and open to new ideas. This is something that is very important for those moments when old management tactics are hindering growth and successfully adopting new creative methods of management are needed to increase productivity. Working with others is also something I enjoy, and it plays an important part in creating and maintaining a workplace where people feel comfortable to do their absolute best. I am very open to new experiences and meeting new people which is great for creating relationships at a personal level and developing new associations at a professional level. This is something that can benefit the company I work for in the form of an increased network of contacts and potential business partners that can help develop and improve company growth.

I possess other skills and personality traits that I believe would be beneficial to me and my employers such as my ambition, passion, drive, and resoluteness. But in the fear of overextending this answer, I believe that what is mentioned above provides a good representation of not only the type of professional person I am but of the skills I bring to an operations role.

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